My name is Rob Whitaker, and I am a developer, writer, and musician currently employed as a software engineer at IBM. Previously I worked as a front-end web developer at a start-up called Unlockable. I love working with functional languages.

I am always busy with a side project or seventeen at any given moment. These range from writing my interactive web serial novel, Midnight Murder Party, to developing a custom reader application in Elm (or a CMS in PureScript), to composing a waltz for an animation on my keyboard. Sometimes I take a break from my usual side projects to join a hackathon or a game jam or a 24-hour short story competition. In November, I write like a maniac for NaNoWriMo.

I am also a fan of diners, pie, coffee, coffee and pie at diners, typewriters, playing the piano and guitar, reading, gaming, listening to music, and sometimes longboarding.